Babak Kazemi is a self taught photographer born in Ahvaz, Iran in 1983. In 2012 he was awarded the Magic of Persian residency at the Delfina Foundation in London. Kazemi explores the history of the province of Khuzestan in which he grew up, focusing on the impact of oil production on the region. His work has been featured in collections at the Maraya Art Centre, The Musuem of Contemporary Arts Tehran, The Museum of War in Tehran and in the private collection of Sheikh of Sharjah in UAE. Babak has held numerous exhibitions in Iran and internationally. He lives and works in Tehran.


Parham Peyvandi was born in 1989 in Sari, Iran., with a Masters degree in painting and a Bachelor degree in urban design, Parham Peyvandi has held numerous exhibitions in Tehran. A latest achievement of Peyvandi's has been a 3rd prize from the Jury's choice Award at the Iran Art Festival in 2016. 

MORVARID K (Third Place)

Born in 1982 in Tehran, Morvarid K has always lived and worked between countries. This diversity and her eternal back and forth between Iran and her elsewhere have a clear impact on her art. She focuses on frontiers, the in-between, transparencies, daily absurdities, the poetry of women and society paradoxes. Looking for beauty where it is least expected, adding humour to seriousness, she decomposes and recomposes the world through her photographic collages and mix media.

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