Fondation Behnam Bakhtiar interview with Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour



1. What is your story Bozorgmehr?

I was born in December 1976.  My father was a painter, so I became interested in Painting at an early age.   Later I studied Painting in the university and now have worked for over twenty years in some of Iran’s most established and well-known media agencies and publications as a cartoonist and image-maker. I was the editor in chief of the weekly magazine, Chelcheragh, which is the best selling magazine in Iran for young people. These days however, I am more focused on painting and holding exhibitions.

2. Discuss your art practice process.

In the early days, I used to work under my father’s supervision.  I also began to go to painting classes as a child.  At the age of 13, I won an international prize, which really inspired and encouraged me to continue.  Later on, I went to an Art School and studied graphic design and eventually entered the professional world of art for work.  At the age of 16, I began working for Golagha, a very well known Iranian satirical magazine.  I was in charge of designing the cover page of the magazine and I continued doing it for many years.  At the same time, I was introduced to an animation studio which I began working with as the key animator and a character designer.  In there and in a short span of time I managed to make about 50 short animations. Also, when I entered university, few friends and me created an animation group and became engaged with making experimental short animations. After graduating, I became interested in working on Comic strips for Chelcheragh magazine. 


3. How long did it take for you to master your skills?

Because I began drawing at such a young age, becoming confident and mastering the craft wasn’t a difficult task for me, however, it took me ten years of practice and study to get where I wanted to in terms of depth.  To get to a level where I could understand the meaning of art and to find my own style and technique.

4. What are you doing to grow as an Iranian artist today?

I pay attention and read. I also study the world master’s works and I practice, practice and practice.

5. Who are your favourite contemporary artists?

I am a big fan of Ashley Wood and Dave McKean’s works.  I’ve also really loved the works of Jean-Jacques Sempe.


6. Favourite musician?

Rabindranath Tagore, Charles Bukowski, Lorca. And of course Rumi and Khayyam among the Iranian poets.

7. What is your life motto?

If it happened, it happened. And if didn’t, it’s all right.

8. What inspires you?

Watching and walking in nature.  I also take inspiration from the long conversations I have with my wife Sima.

9. What do you love most about art?

Art has a tendency to take you deep into your own self, and it does it with such delicacy. I love the moments when art does this with me.

10. What projects are you working on presently?

These days I just paint. I work in my atelier everyday and I am just focused on painting.

11. Where can our audience buy your work?

Directly via - email address:







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