Sele Aboutaleb was born in Iran in 1975.  She holds an MA in Graphic Design from Iran’s Azad University under the teachings of renowned master of photography Bahman Jalali. and has received a degree in Character Building in Portrait Photography from Germany.  She currently teaches photography at Tehran’s Technical Institute and is a consultant in Artistic, Portrait and Commercial Photography.



Masters in photography in 1999 from Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

Solo Exhibition:

7 Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 1999

Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 2002

Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 2009

Basement Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E. - 2009

Archiving of the Tehran Musuem of Contemporary Art
Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 2001
Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 2002
Assar, Tehran, Tehran, Iran - 2004


Group Exhibition:
Saba Musuem, Tehran, Iran - 1998

Assar, Tehran, Tehran, Iran - 2004

Forouhar Gallery, Tehran, Iran - 2010

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