Painter, musician and performance artist Reza Derakshani was born in Sangsar, a small village in the north east of Iran. Being brought up in a nomad family on the mountains had an enormous impact on his admiration for natural beauty and wonders of creation, which is still very present in his work. 

Reza Derakshani’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally. His recent projects include creating contemporary frescoes in a chapel in Tuscany as well as a mansion in the center of London for British singer Sting and his wife Trudie Styler.

Derakshani has been featured in numerous radio and television shows and publications such as: ABC TV, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, L’unita, The Juilliard music school paper, Parisian, Toronto Star, New York Artspeak, The Montreal Gazette, Mirrob, Tandis art magazine, Herfe e honarmand, Tamasha, Farhang va Zendegi, Bonny Film, Shargh, Hamshahri, Yass and and Etemad daily papers, Corriere della sera, East Hampton magazine, RAI TV, WNYC, WKCR, WKUT, WKPN, NPR, VOA, KPFK, BBC channel 4, FIP and RFI of Radio France.

Derakshani’s career also includes a variety of collaborations with renowned international musicians, poets and dancers such as: John Densmore of the Doors, Bill.T.Jones, Branford Marsalis, Colman Barks, Robert Bly, Deepack Chopra, Madonna, David Darling, Clara Ponti, Steve Shehan, Sussan Deyhim, Richard Horowitz, Dawn Avery, Athena Andreadis, Gabriel Ross, Jamshid Shemirani, Mario Crispi, Kursh Kale, Simone Haggage, and Saam Schlaminger.

Reza Derakshani currently lives and works between Tehran, USA and Europe.


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