Pejman Tadayon is a painter and musician born in 1977 in Isfahan, Iran. Pejman started to learn painting from the age of three under the supervision of his grandfather, Morteza Sharifi one of the most well known painters in Isfahan. He continued studying painting under great masters such as Morteza Nasr and Akbar Mikhak.

Later on in his life, he became interested in learning the principles of Persian classical music as well as Playing Tar and Setar from Kamran Keivan, Behrooz Hemati and Master Mohamad Reza Lotfi. In 2002 he moved to Italy and continued his study in Florence and Rome Fine Art Academy where he studied painting and Medieval music of Europe. Years of studying and living in the one of the art capital of the world helped Pejman to hold numerous concerts and to exhibit his paintings in various cities and countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the United States. In his works Pejman tries to explore and express the relationship between music and painting, and for the first time in the world of art he has succeeded to create paintings which produces sounds. He uses musical instruments strings in his paintings and the observer of his paintings is able to play tunes on each painting which enables him or her to understand and hear the sound and feel of each piece. In many of his concerts he exhibit his paintings on the stage where music becomes a painting where you hear the sound of the painting. A place to listen to the sound of patterns and colours.


Solo exhibition:

1998   Farhang Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

1999   Sureh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

2006   Festarte exhibition, Rome, Italy

2007   Capella Orsiny Gallery, Rome , Italy

2015   Palazzo Expo, Rome, Italy

2015   Spazio io Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016   Rinascimentiamo Gallery, Viterbo, Italy

2016   Auditorium Parco della musica, Rome, Italy


Group exhibition:


1999   Esfahan Khorasan University, Iran

2002   The first exhibition painters of Isfahan, Iran

2004   The exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts students,  Florence, Italy

2005   Massenzio Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016   Varco Gallery Rome, Italy

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