Nafiseh Emran was born in 1986 in Iran.


2010,Sooreh University,B.A in painting,Tehran

Solo Exhibition:

2014, On the Run, Aun Gallery, Tehran

2011 ,GGBG ,Aun Gallery ,Tehran

Group Exhibitions:

2012, the first painting&sculpture,Annual Exhibition of Iranian Artist forum

2012, Shirin Gallery,”The Game”,Tehran,Iran

2012, Aun Gallery ,Lightness,Curator:Rozita Sharafjahan,Tehran,Iran

2012, cooperation Azad Art Gallery And Takesh Gallery, charitable ,Tehran,Isfahan,Iran

2011, The second exhibition of works by leading youth,Mellat Gallery,tehran,Iran

2011, Unified in Diversity,Total Arts Gallery,Dubai,UAE

2011, Shirin Art Gallery,DOLL, Curator:Behnam Kamrani,Tehran ,Iran

2010,Shirin Art Gallery,5th Anniversary of Shirin Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran

2010, Mohsen Gallery ,the window illustration & drawing Exhibition ,Tehran ,Iran

2010, Mohsen Gallery,The Cinema,curator:behnam kamrani,Tehran,Iran

2009, Homa Art Gallery, the New Generation of Iranian Contemporary Artists

2007, Mellat Gallery ,Offers Exhibition,Tehran,Iran-


2010, Mellat Gallery 1St Winner of Damonfar's Festival of young Contemporary Iranian Artists


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