The work of Morvaird K (b. 1982) seeks to unearth the social in daily life, even in the most banal circumstance. Street scenes, public places and culturally recognizable symbols are imbued with a sense of intimacy through their juxtaposition with images of everyday humanity, and in her subtle sense of framing. From visceral butcher scenes to sterile building facades, the pure grins of the young and innocent versus the lined faces of the old and wise, they are all consciously depicted amidst religious and advertising propaganda. Nothing escapes her eyes, captured in signature vibrant hues.

Morvarid K studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, France, and has exhibited in India, Australia, France and Singapore. She currently lives and works between France and Iran.


Solo Exhibition:
2015   Etemad gallery, Tehran
2014   Nathalie Pariente, Paris
2013   Yavuz Fine Art gallery, Singapore
2013   Wonderwall gallery, Delhi
2007   Lure, Melbourne


Group exhibition:
2015   Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles
2014   Berlin-Baku gallery, Berlin
2014   Apeejay Arts complex, Delhi
2014   Salwa Zeidan gallery, Abu Dhabi
2014   Quad/Format, Derby UK
2013   Salwa Zeidan gallery, Abu Dhabi
2013   The Stainless gallery, Delhi
2012   Origine Fine Art, Delhi
2011   Yavuz Fine Art gallery, Singapore, ‘Idols and Icons’ curated by Iola Lenzi


Art fair:
2015/2014   Delhi Art Fair represented by Wonderwall gallery
2013   Scope Basel represented by Salwa Zeidan gallery
2013   Abu Dhabi Art Fair represented by Salwa Zeidan gallery


2013   Magic of Persia Charity Auction at the Royal College of Art, London, conducted by Christie’s



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