Born in 1975 in Rasht, Iranian artist Mohammad Khodeshenas (nicknamed MAMI) was trained in graphic design, culminating in an undergraduate degree from the University of Tehran. Alongside numerous exhibitions all over Iran, including completing the workshops of filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, MAMI has held numerous exhibitions in Europe and in the Middle East. In Khodashenas’ canvases, bright colors and text are layered with figural imagery like the faces of famous historical figures. The works appear as pastiches of various forms, styles and techniques. The viewer is challenged to find meaning amongst the letters, words and iconic images, all of which conspire to obfuscate a decipherable narrative. The sense of chaos in Khodashenas’ works imbues the paintings with urgency and tension, which are reflected in their somewhat rough aesthetic. Dripping paint either imitates blood, such as in Che, or in other pieces, suggests an unfinished work. Thus, via this technique and in light of the political commentary embedded in his work, Khodashenas implies that the work of an artist does not stop when he puts down his paintbrush. For MAMI, graffiti is a collection of all pictures, small and big written words and mostly slogans that never erase through time.


In the artist's works, you see scratches that prevent seeing what lays beneath it. "I do not want to represent any specific concepts through all the slogans and written words, but to create my new concept amongst all - myself. I make a new concept exactly on that moment of creation, then I destroy it” says MAMI.


MAMI is inspired by written works, slogans from different time periods, torn pieces of declarations, in addition to a technique in Persian calligraphy named Siah-Mashgh creates all together my modern works. The artist uses all the different techniques and materials such as stencil, posters, paint brush on the walls and canvases. Here, there is no limitation for me to represent my graffiti, paintings and Siah-Mashgh calligraphy”.

Selected exhibition:


2017   Homework's an Anxious Stroller, solo exhibition, Haanart gallery, Shiraz, Iran

2017   Fete du Graphisme, Graphic Design Festival Paris, Posters from Azad Art Gallery Collaborative Design Project, Paris, France

2016   Posters from Azad Art Gallery Collaborative Design Project, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2016   exhibition of 100 Contemporary Iranian Posters, Sheikh Zayed Gallery, Azad collaborative, Design Project, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon
2016   Arabesque exhibition, Opera gallery, Beirut
2015   Happy days, Iranian pop art exhibition, Nicolas Felamel gallery, Paris, France

2013   Scope Miami Beach, international contemporary art show, Miami, USA

2013   Golden Age the Rising Humanity, Street rt  Festival  Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2012   Street art Festival Istanbul 2012 Renovation Tarlabaşı, Istanbul, Turkey

2012   The 22nd International Istanbul Art Fair 2012, Istanbul, Turley

2012   March 8 : Live & Silent auction at Henry Buhl foundation, New York, USA

2012   Millon & As Sociés, International Modern and Contemporary Art Auction, Duplex Paris, Dubai

2012   Street art Show, Paul Alexis Blekle Rat, Mohammad khodashenas ( MAMI), Mr. Brainwash, Opera gallery Dubai Difc, Dubai

2011   Graff in the City, Opera gallery, Paris, France

2011   Poster from Iran( 2000 – 2010), B&K Projects Gallery, Denmark

2010   Graff City, Opera Gallery, Paris

2010   4 x 4, Group painting exhibition, Etemad gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010   22 international poster Biennale, Warsaw,  Polska

2010   View Graphic Design Collective Project Azad art gallery, Azad art gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010   A colorful day, poster exhibition, Momayez gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010   Divarkoob, vije / school of visual communication, Tehran, Iran

2008   GEN X, poster by Iranian young graphic designers, York university, Toronto, Canada

2007   Rokhsat, Group poster exhibition, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2006   solo painting exhibition, Parvin Gallery, Rasht, Iran
2006   solo painting exhibition, the workshop of Abbas kiarostami in Lahijan, Iran


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