Behzad Behnam was born on September 15, 1945 in Tehran, Iran. Licensed in history, political science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Tehran University, he developed his passion for art by completing studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels.


Having gained status as a professional painter of renown in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, France, England and Germany), Behzad is recognized for his original style of oriental fauvism.


While successfully managing his art gallery for over 10 years in Paris, where he also became a professor of arts for adults and children, he held numerous exhibitions of his work across the capital and country, Zurich, Geneva, London, Dubai and much more.


In 2003, Behzad founded an art group for young painters, sculptors and photographers widely known as 'L'Ecole de Murat' in Cantal, Auvergne where he now has his permanent residence.


In 2003, he finished a long period of studies of Persian calligraphy and miniature painting which enabled him to develop his signature style of ‘painting poetry’ since 2011, he is regularly invited for conferences across Europe and the globe dedicated to the origins and interpretation of Persian arts, focused on the history of miniature paintings.

Behzad has been exhibiting and going on auctions with the biggest names of the contemporary art world.


Licensed in history from Université Libre de Bruxelles

Licensed in Political Science from Tehran University
Licensed in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels.



Behzad Behnam "A Painting is a Poem"


Permanent Exhibition:
L'ecole de Murat


Solo Exhibitions:

1974    Galerie Sullivan - Teheran, Iran

1974    Palais De Marbre - Teheran, Iran

1975    Palais De Marbre - Teheran, Iran

1976    Galerie Partovi - Teheran, Iran

1984    Galerie Mjc - (Neuilly) Paris, France

1984    Galerie 24 - Paris, France

1986    Galerie 24 - Paris, France

1989    Galerie Essence - Paris, France

1990    Galerie Mathis - Suisse

1992    Galerie Mathis - Suisse

1994    Galerie Wulfingen - Suisse

1996    Galerie Mjc De Neuilly - Paris, France

1998    Galerie Du Grand Cerf - Paris, France

1998    Galerie Du Grand Cerf - Paris, France

1999    Galerie Msj De Neuilly - Paris, France

2003    Maison D'auvergne - Paris, France

2004    Maison D'auvergne - Paris, France

2006    Maison D'auvergne - Paris, France

2006    Galerie Belles Pages - Murat, France

2008    Mjc Gallerie - (Neuilly) Paris, France

2010    Galerie Ecole De Murat - Murat, France

2011    Galerie Ecole De Murat - Murat, France

2012    Galerie Ecole De Murat - Dubai, UAE
01.07.2013 to 15.07.2013    'Entre L'Orient Et L'Occident' Salle Des Fetes - St Jean Cap Ferrat, France 


Group Exhibitions: 

2007    Magic of Persia / Christie's: Magical Nights in Dubai - Third Line Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2009    Magic of Persia / Christie's: Macial Night Art Auction - Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE

2010    Magical Nights - Exhibition of Auction Highlights - DIFC, Dubai UAE

2012    Magical Nights - Exhibition of Auction Highlights - Salsali Private Musuem, Dubai UAE

2013    Bridge of Persia / Christie's - Royal College of Arts - London, UK


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