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Ardeshir Mohassess, an Iranian artist long resident in America who pushed the art of the cartoon to almost Surrealist satire of his native land in work both popular and profound — pulsating with slain and mutilated shahs, mullahs and ordinary citizens; sardonic captions; and stylistic references to ancient art forms — died on Oct. 9 in Manhattan. He was 70.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2008-“Ardeshir Mohassess: Art and Satire in Iran,” Asia  Society Museum, New York, US.

2008-Homa Gallery, Tehran, IR.

2007-Homa Gallery, Tehran, IR.

2006-Homa Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1993-“Open Secret,” Westbeth Gallery, New York, US.

1986-Persian Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, US.

1986-International Biennial of Illustrations, Tokyo, JP.

1983-Studio 369, Boston, US.

1978-Zand Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1976-Darisi Gallery, Shiraz, IR.

1976-Zand Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1975-Litho Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1975-Graham Gallery, New York, US.
1974-Columbia University, New York, US.

1972-Iran-America Society Cultural Center, Tehran, IR.

1971-Sayhoun Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1971-Municipal Club, Tehran, IR.

1969-Sayhoun Gallery, Tehran, IR.

1967-Qandriz Gallery, Tehran, IR. Selected


Group Exhibitions:

1980-“Politics and Arts: Ten Years of Graphic Commentary,

1970–1980-” The American Institute of  Graphic Arts, New York, US.

1977-Hayden Zand Gallery, Washington D.C., US.

1976-The International Arts Fair, Basel, SZ.

1976-“Modern Iranian Arts,” Iran-America Society, Tehran, IR. 1974 “Drawings from The New York Times,” Louvre- Museum, Paris, FR.

1973-“Drawings from The New York Times,” Musée des Beaux Arts, Bordeaux, FR.

1971-Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris, FR.

1964-Fourth Biennial Art Exhibit, Tehran, IR. 1962 Third Biennial Art Exhibit, Tehran, IR.

1960-Second Biennial Art Exhibit, Tehran, IR. 1958 First Biennial Art Exhibit, Tehran, IR.


Published Collection:

Ardeshir Mohassess: Art and Satire in Iran, ed. Shirin Neshat and Nicky Nodjoumi, New York, NY: Asia Society, 2008.

Life in Iran: The Library of Congress Drawings. Washington D.C.: Mage, 1994. Closed Circuit History, foreword by Ramsey Clark, introduction by Ali Banuazizi, Washington D.C.: Mage, 1989.

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Tabrikāt (Congratulations), Tehran, 1976. Kāfar-nāma (Hedonist’s notebook), Tehran, 1975.

Ardešir o havā-ye ṭufāni (Ardeshir and stormy winds), introduction by ʿAli-Aṣḡar Ḥāj Sayyed-Javādi, Tehran, 1973.

Tašrifāt (Ceremonies), introd. Āydin Āḡdāšlu, Tehran, 1973.

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Instances, ed. Kambiz Farrokhi, Haarlem, Netherlands, 1972.

Bā Ardešir o ʿarusakhāyaš (With Ardeshir and his puppets), introduction by ʿAli-Aṣḡar Ḥāj Sayyed-Javādi, Tehran, 1971.

Cāctus (a special issue of Daftarhā-ye zamāna on Areshir Mohassess), ed. Cyrus Ṭāhbāz, introduction by Karim Emāmi, Tehran, 1971.


Selected bibliography:

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