Born in Tehran in 1948. BSc from London's Queen Mary college, University of London,UK. Has studied Fine Arts at Mid-west City college, USA and Solihull college, Birmingham, UK. He is a member of "Maison des Artistes" in Paris, France and Maison des Artistes Tehran Iran. 

Since 1987, has regularly participated in art auction sales at the Drouot in Paris and has quotations listed on most international sales/price, Art websites i.e. (artprice.com)and books such as (AKOUN La cote des Peintres) listed as Abol.

Having worked with nouvelle figuration in France for many years; he finally took up calligraphy in 1996 after returning to Iran and studying closely the sacred art. He now paints large formats, particularly in Thuluth and Kufic.

Also, being a huge admirer of Jalal e din Mollana "Rumi" the great Persian Sufi and Poet, who was an enormous source of inspiration for him, he has dedicated him many of his calligraphy works.

1978   Exhibition at Seyhoon art gallery, Tehran - Iran.
1979   Exhibition at the Midwest City art institute ,Oklahoma - USA,
1980   Exhibition at Solhull Art college, U.K,
1986   Exhibition at "Indice de Reve" art gallery, Thonon les bains - France,
1987   Exhibition at "Gallerie du Theatre", Evian les Bains - France,
1988   Exhibition at "Gallerie d'Art Modern", Evian les Bains - France,
1988   Exhibition at Art Forum, Annecy - France,
1989   Exhibition at Art Forum, Annecy - France,
1990   Exhibition at "Galleried'Art Modern", Evian les Bains - France,
2000   International Exhibition Futurescope, Poitier - France,
2001   International Exhibition Contemporary Art, Toulouse - France,
2006   Exhibition at XVA Art Gallery, Dubai - UAE,
2007   Collective charity exhibition at Imam Ali Museum, Tehran - Iran,
2007   Collective exhibition at Contemporary Museum of Fine Arts SaadAbad,Tehran - Iran,
2007   Exhibition at Saba cultural institute, Tehran - Iran,
2007 till 2010   Exhibition at DIFC governors floor entrance lobby and VIP lounge, Dubai.
2008   Exhibition at Art Dubai, Dubai - UAE,
2008   Collective exhibition at Mellat art gallery,Tehran - Iran,
2008 till 2010  Collaboration with Art Space DIFC, Dubai - UAE,
2008   Exhibition at Capital Club, DIFC - Dubai - UAE,
2009   Magic Of Persia, Charity Auction, Dubai - UAE,
2009   Capital club Charity Auction Dubai - UAE,
2009   Bonhams "Start" foundation art charity auction, Dubai - UAE,
2010   Magic Of Persia, Charity Auction, Dubai - UAE,
2011   Exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Tehran - Iran,
2011   Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA), Tehran - Iran,
2012   courtyard art gallery, Dubai,UAE.
2012   Magic of persia,Charity auction,Dubai-UAE.
2012   Exhibition at Seihoun Art Gallery,Solo Exhibition, Tehran-Iran.
2012   Exhibition at AIP. Maison des artistes ,Tehran-Iran
2012   Niavaran cultural center,Tehran, Iran.
2012   Burj e Milad, Tehran Iran.
*Since 1986   Permanent exhibition at “Galerie d’Art Modern”, Evian les Bains - France.

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